ASP "Technology for Sealing and Bonding"

ASP Dichtstoffe is a leading developer, producer and repacker of sealants and adhesives and is specialized in materials based on Silicone and Hybrid chemistry. Our own R&D development team has an excellent track record and decades of experience. The R&D team ensures the highest technical standards for the development of new products and is our source of innovation. It provides us with the necessary flexibility in our recipes to adjust to the ever changing requirements of our industry.

Our mixing plant consists of vacuum mixers with capacities of 500 litres batch size. These mixers are especially designed for the production of our sealants and adhesives.

Our state-of-the-art packaging lines for cartridges, aluminium foils and drums ensure high flexibility and maximum efficiency for delivery across all of Europe and the rest of the world.

Our clients and partners are wholesalers, retailers and industrial users who retail our products with their own label and branding in the market place. We have the capability and flexibility to adjust to our specific clients needs and requirements..

We are your partner not your competitor
ASP-Dichtstoffe GmbH only supplies to distributors and wholesalers in Private Label. Products and packaging are tailored specically to match our client's marketing strategies. As we don't have our own expensive brand and productline we are not in competition with you. With ASP you have a reliable partner with extensive product knowledge and industry experience working who can put you in pole position for your marketing success.